This article was kindly contributed to Pace Plc by Paul Flavin, of Zing Money. With the Bank of England base rate being held at 0.5% since March 2009, we have all become accustomed to low interest rates. Although this has been disastrous for savers, for those with mortgages tracking the Bank of England base rate, it’s been a real boon to low mortgage payments, but we have quickly adjusted to that extra money in our back pocket.
Ed Miliband MP, along with Emma Reynolds MP, Labour’s Shadow Housing Minister have together stated the price of renting a property is ‘one of the root causes of the cost-of- living crisis.’    Mr Miliband also commented that ‘Generation Rent’ has been ignored for too long and it is time to give tenants a fairer deal.  As part of his proposals, the Labour Party is looking to ban charges made by Lettings Agents when a tenancy agreement is signed.  Mr Miliband continued by adding that when buying a property, fees are not payable to an Estate Agent, so why should fees be charged by a Lettings Agency for renting a property.
Earlier this month, SEAL members, along with councillors, police, residents and volunteers organised a street blitz initiative, designed to tidy specific areas of the town and build a stronger community spirit by allowing near neighbours to meet each other. To kick off the project, Pace staff surveyed the residents of the chosen blitz area; 8 streets between Whitegate Road and Herbert Grove. We managed to speak with someone in every property, asking where they felt we should concentrate and which specific problems needed addressing. The information received has been collated, kept and will be analysed over the next few weeks.
Now in its third year, SAFEagent Awareness Week takes place from May 12 – 18 and is supported by a raft of regional and national initiatives to drive awareness of the importance of choosing a letting agent that offers financial protection. If a letting agent subscribes to a CMP scheme this means that if it closes or an agent misappropriates client funds, landlords’ and tenants’ monies will be safeguarded.
On the face of it, Upad’s 500 properties available to let might sound sizeable, but when you take into account that this is nationwide, one needs to put the claim that they are set to ‘revolutionise the lettings world’ into context.


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